BaByliss 2285U Curling Wand Review

BaByliss 2285U Curling Wand Review

BaByliss 2285U Curling Wand

Engineered with a nano-gold ceramic coated barrel, and with 5 heat settings the BaByliss 2285U Curling Wand has been rated 4.3/5.0 from 200 user reviews.

Features and Benefits

  • Nano gold ceramic conical barrel

Easily create a variety of hairstyles using the conical barrel.

  • 5 digitally controlled heat settings, heating up to 200 degrees Celsius

The fact that it has 5 different temperatures that adjust for any type of hair is one of the reasons why users choose it.

  • Heat ready indicator

Easily find out when the wand is ready for use by keeping an on the heat ready indicator.

  • Integrated Heat Rest

Ensure the wand does not burn a tabletop by resting in the integrated heat rest.

  • It is designed with a stay cool safety tip on the barrel

Another great safety feature.

  • It has a heat protective glove

Ensure your hands don’t get burned whilst using the wand by always wearing the protective glove.

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See what real users say…

The majority of this curling wand reviews are more than positive. Women are very happy with the way it works and that the curls last a long period of time. Many especially liked the variable temperature control since you can adjust it to a comfortable temperature.

“This is a great product. My friend had a similar one to this and it worked really well on my hair. So I had to get one! It does the job perfectly and the curls look great.”

Becca, Amazon Customer Review

“I really like this curling wand, good quality for good money, easy to use, makes beautiful curls that last long, comes with black protective glove, would recommend it to a friend”

Marta, Amazon Customer Review

“This curling device is without doubt the best one on the market, I am always buying new gadgets when ever I see them thinking its going to be the answer to everything but it normally turns out to be rubbish but that is not the case with the curling wand.

Its a great product, easy to use and nice natural looking curls. I have very thick hair and could never gets curls to stay in my straight hair but this does the job and still curly in the morning! Don’t hesitate buy it!!”

Kel, Amazon Customer Review

TheĀ BaByliss 2285U has been reviewed by 200 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.3 out of 5.0. Click here to see all 200 customer reviews.

Our Take

The BaByliss 2285U Curling Wand is capable of providing perfect professional curls, flicks and even soft waves that will make your hair look like it was freshly styled in a salon.

The BaByliss 2285U Curling Wand has great features that make it perfect for both personal and professional use. In other words, the product is used by professional salon hairdressers, but it can also be used by women in the comfort of their home. This curling wand represents a modern way of curling your hair with no hassle.

The reason behind the high quality curls that this product can provide lies in the nano gold ceramic conical barrel. This barrel can heat up to 200 degrees Celsius. Thus, the resulted curls are long lasting and have a professional look. Moreover, the lack of the clamp facilitates the use of the wand so that the curls can be done in no time.

View of a lady using the BaByliss 2285U to curl her hairBaByliss 2285U Curling Wand

Another great feature of this product is represented by the 5 digitally controlled heat settings. To explain better, whether your hair is wavy or thin, you can choose the appropriate temperature in order to obtain the desired results. Thus, you have 5 temperature from which you can choose: 140, 155, 170, 185 and 200 degrees Celsius.

The wand is also equipped with a heat ready indicator that lets you know when the item is ready to use. Moreover, for protection and safety purposes, the wand also has a handle integrated heat rest that prevents the heated barrel from touching surfaces, like the dressing table.

In order to prevent burning yourself while using the curling wand, the item is designed with a stay cool safety tip on the barrel and a heat protective glove for handling the wand. Furthermore, the cord of the product swivels while you move to prevent the cord from getting tangled.


Watch this short video on using a BaByliss curling wand.


To sum up, the BaByliss 2285U Curling Wand is great for those who are looking for a product that is capable of providing professional results, is affordable and easy to use. I highly recommend it, not only because of the great results, but also because of its great features. Click here to see the latest rating and price on Amazon.

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