Using Curling Wand For Long Hair

Find out how to Use Curling Wand For Long Hair

Use curling Iron for long Hair: Having long hair can be great, there is so much you could potentially do with it but on the other hand it can be messed up easily. Checkout the tips below on getting great curls with long hair.

Before you can start curling your hair you need to ensure you have everything you need close to hand. So make sure you have:

  • curling tong (preferably at least 30mm in diameter).
  • a comb/brush.
  • hair clips.
  • hair spray.

Step 1

To get the best results and achieve long lasting curls you need to ensure your hair is clean and dry. Once its in this pure state use the comb you have set aside to straighten the hair. You will also use the comb later to split the hair into 1-2 inch sections that you will curl.

Step 2

Begin by pulling back the hair around the crown of your head. Using the hair clips you have at hand clip this collected hair to one side of your head.

Step 3

Next, using the comb you will begin to curl the bottom layer of your hair. With the comb, collect a section of between 1-2 inches of hair.

Step 4

Using the curling tong, wrap this section of hair around the barrel, ensuring you start for the top of the section of the air. Hold the curling tong on the hair for between 15-20 seconds. Caution – Holding a curling tong on you hair for too long can lead to heat exposure and dry you hair out.

Remove the curled section of hair from the tongs and using the hair spray, spray this section of hair.

Step 5

Then continue with this method for the rest of this layer and then move on to the layers of hair above.


Checkout this great video I found about using a curling tong on long hair.

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