Using Curling Tongs For Short Hair

Find out how to Use Curling Tongs For Short Hair

Use curling tongs short hair: In our short guide you will find out what to consider when using a curling wand for styling your short hair. So if you have very short to chin length hair then this guide is for you.

Step 1 – Size of curling tong

The first thing to consider is do you have the correct sized curling tong. You may not believe this but most people get this first and most important step wrong by using a curling tong that just does not suit their hair length.

So what do you need to look out for when pick the right sized wand?

The most important measurement is the barrels diameter. The barrel diameter will vary and is easy to find within the description/key features of a wand. For short hair up to chin length it is recommended that you use a curling iron with a diameter of less than 24mm.

Step 2 – Pick the right shape for your needs

The next step is to work out what type of curl you want to achieve with your curling tong. With short hair you might want to consider using either a tapered or cylindrical shaped barrel since a double barrel curler works much better with longer hair.

Step 3 – Heat Protection

Whenever you apply heat to your hair there is always a risk of some damage so ensure you use a suitable heat protection spray to reduce the chances of damaging your hair through the effects of high temperature.

Step 5 – Natural look or Classic look

Use sectioning for a classic look

Short length hair should be treated in exactly the same way as longer hair. So ensure you section out your hair using suitable hair clips. Sectioning the hair will allow you to keep track of the areas of your hair that you have already curled. Once you’re ready to curl just wrap each section around your curling tong for between 10-15 seconds.

Natural look

If you prefer a more natural look to your curls, you can achieve this by not separating your hair into even sections. One way  of doing this is to change the size of the sections you curl between large and small. And with each section you could alternate between curling towards and away from your face.


Checkout his short video on how to curls for short hair.

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