BaByliss 2286U Waving Wand Review

BaByliss 2286U Waving Wand Review

BaByliss 2286U Waving Wand

Featuring a nano-gold ceramic coated barrel and 5 heat settings use the BaByliss 2286U Waving Wand to create natural curls.

In terms of price the Babyliss 2286U is a  mid ranged curling tong and can cost between £20.00 and £30.00.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique oval shaped nano-gold ceramic coated barrel – Ensures that heat is delivered consistently by the curling wand helping to create natural waves
  • Heats up to 200 degrees Celsius – Quickly reach the maximum temperature of 200 Celsius, within 30 seconds of switching the wand on.
  • Light Indicator – Alerts you when the curler is ready.
  • 5 temperature settings – Easily select between 5 different heat settings so you can sent the temperature to suit all sort of hair types.
  • Integrated heat rest, auto shut-off, a cool tip and protective glove for safety – Ensure you and your furniture do not get burned by using the heat rest and protective glove.
  • Salon style swivel cord – Easily reach those hard to reach parts of your head without tangling your hair using the swivel cord.
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What is the BaByliss 2286U?

Designed in a unique way, the BaByliss 2286U Waving Wand is ideal for women who are looking for salon like waves in the comfort of their home. This curling wand heats up to 200 degrees Celsius giving long lasting curls, which is why many  choose to buy this model to curl their hair.

The BaByliss 2286U Waving Wand is a practical buy considering the quality of the product, its great features and more than affordable price. This item is perfect for women who want to make their own professional waves right in the comfort of their home.

One of the greatest things about this wand is represented by the unique oval shaped nano-gold ceramic coated barrel. Thanks to this, the wand is capable of providing natural, soft waves with no kinks. To put it simpler, the wand is designed to offer you professional results with little effort.

A view of the BaByliss 2286U BaByliss 2286U Waving Wand

In order to create the professional long-lasting waves, the wand is designed with an advanced ceramics system. To explain it better, because of this system, the wand can heat up to the maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius in just 30 seconds and maintain the high heat during the entire waving process.

Another great feature of this wand is the fact that it gives you the opportunity to choose between 5 different temperatures thanks to the designed 5 temperature settings. Thus, according to your hair type, you can choose to heat up the wand up to 140°C, 155°C, 170°C, 185°C or 200°C.

Safety is also an important aspect of this wand’s design. That is why the item has an integrated heat rest that will prevent any surface from getting burned. Also, it features an auto shut-off so you won’t worry in case you forget it on. Moreover, the cool tip and the protective glove are meant to keep your hands safe while using the wand. To make things better, the wand is designed with a salon style swivel cord for tangle prevention. Click here to see the latest Price on Amazon.

User Reviews and Opinions

Thanks to the great price and features, this waving wand has gathered many positive reviews. Women are happy with the way in which the wands works and with the delivered results. However, there were some who weren’t satisfied. They complained that the wand seems to work only on long hair.

“I have the Babyliss curling wand, and find that good, but since my recent purchase of the waving wand, this is my new favourite. It creates gorgeous waves, you can make them as small or as loose as you like depending how loosely you wrap your hair around the wand.

I find this easy to use, and its small enough you can take on holidays, ive previously tried other wavers and they are HUUUUGE! for the price I paid you absolutely cannot fault this product. AMAZING!”

Sophie, Amazon Customer Review

Here the user Sophie mentions how compact the Waving wand is as compared to other more expensive models.

“I have really thick hair so not many curling products work, this curling wand is brilliant I can section my hair in to thick sections and the Wand curls my hair its fab. Make sure you wear the glove provided it gets HOT.”

Savanne, Amazon Customer Review

Here this user points out that the waving wand works well for their thick hair. They also point out that you must use the heat proof glove provided to ensure you don’t burn your hand.

“I was given this waving wand as a christmas present today, and used it after washing and drying my hair. It is very easy to use and you don’t burn your fingers as they provide a glove for the hand that you use to twist the hair around the wand.

If you leave it for the suggested 5-8 seconds it works straight away; i never had to re-do any section of hair. The result is amazing – my hair has actually never looked nicer! And it only took about 15 minutes to do all of my hair (and my hair is long and very thick). Very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend you try it!”

Elena, Amazon Customer Review

Here the user points out that the waving wand heats up incredibly quickly so you can curl all your hair in no time, great when your in a hurry.

The BaByliss 2286U has been reviewed by 200 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.6 out of 5.0. Click here to see more user reviews on Amazon.


BaByliss 2286U Waving Wand


Overall, the BaByliss 2286U Waving Wand is ideal for users who want those natural waves in their hair. It is highly recommended for users who are looking for a curling wand with great features including a nano-gold ceramic coated barrel that is capable of delivering the desired results. Click here to see the latest Price on Amazon.


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