TRESemme 2804BU Volume Curl Wand Review

 TRESemme 2804BU Volume Curl Wand Review

Featuring 3 heat settings and a maximum temperature of 200 Celsius the Tresemme 2804BU is a popular curling wand for professionals and amateurs.

TRESemme 2804BU Volume Curl Wand

Editors Rating:  (4.3/5.0)

User Rating: (4.2/5.0)

Price: £25.99 in June 2017 (See latest price)

Pros prosCons cons
  • Heats up quickly
  • Variable heat settings so you can use the curler on fine hair
  • Supplied with a heat protective mat, so you don't burn anything
  • There is a learning curve when mastering this curler

Summary: Simply put, the TRESemme 2804BU has been inspired by professional stylists to produce a professional hairdo without having to leave your home.

Prices can change daily so click here for the latest price on Amazon

Features and Benefits

  • It is inspired by salon professionals

You can finally get the salon look in the comfort of your own home, saving both time and money.

  • It is designed with advanced ceramics

The advanced ceramics ensures that heat is applied consistently to your hair, so you can get curls quicker.

  • It has a conical barrel from 19 mm to 32 mm

Get fantastic long lasting quality curls with the conical barrel.

  • It is designed with 3 heat settings so you can easily adjust the temperature

Easily switch between the various heat settings to ensure the temperature is set correctly for your hair whether its fine, normal hair, or thick hair.

  • It can reach up to 200 degrees Celsius

With a maximum temperature of 200 Celsius, hair will curl quicker and last for longer.

  • It comes with a heat mat and glove

With the curling tongs reaching high temperatures it can be so easy to burn yourself or a tabletop. The heat mat and protective glove ensure you can use the curling tongs without risking  a burn.

  • It is equipped with a 2.5 meter cord

Easily reach all parts of your head with the long power cord.


The TRESemme 2804BU Volume Curl Wand allows a user to pamper themselves with, long-lasting curls. The wand has great some great features and delivers great results, which is why many users choose it when it comes to curling their hair.

The 2804BU is a mid range priced curling wand but still packs a punch. It can be found between £20-£30 when shopping around.

For this sort of money you get some decent features including variable heat settings and advanced ceramics.

Inspired by salon professionals, the TRESemme 2804BU Volume Curl Wand is designed with no clamp that is meant to deliver salon like loose curls. Its great price and features make this curling wand an important asset for curl lovers, regardless of the type of hair.

A view of the TRESemme 2804BU sitting on the heat matTRESemme 2804BU Volume Curl Wand

Designed to be used at home, this curl wand is meant to deliver professional results. These are possible thanks to the advanced ceramics with which the product is designed. To explain better, the 19 mm to 32 mm conical barrel is covered by the ceramic is order to provide long lasting quality curls. All you have to do is simply wrap your hair to obtain natural looking curls with no kinks.

In order to make it suitable for all types of hair, this curl wand is designed with 3 heat settings. Thus, you can select the temperature that most suits your type of hair, obtaining the desired results. The maximum temperature that this product can reach is 200 degrees Celsius.

This curl wand is not only designed to provide professional results, but also to be safe. Therefore, the item comes with a heat mat and glove so that any woman can safely maneuver it during her curling sessions. To make things better, the wand is also equipped with a long 2.5 meter cord for ease of use.

Customer Reviews

The TRESemme 2804BU has been reviewed by 95 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.1/5.0.

The majority of the TRESemme 2804BU Curl Wand’s users are positive about using the curling wand. Users are happy with the results that this curling wand is capable of producing. They even comment on the quality of the wand compared to its price.

Amazing, such a time-saver

Alisha V, Amazon Customer Review

“Amazing, such a time-saver, it gives better curls than my dodgy old hair straightener ever could try to mock, and my hair is done in just under 5 minutes – and I have a LOT of head hair.

There are 3 settings, and these vary the heat I believe; one for fine hair, one for normal hair, and one for thick, coarse hair, which is the hottest. For the price it’s amazing, and a bonus being that it’s pink and fits the theme of my room also! Quick delivery, great seller. Might buy another soon!”

This user mentions how the TRESemme 2804BU can create curls quickly, within 5 minutes in this case. The user also mentions the varied heat settings to suit different hair types and the fact the the curling tongs are great value for money.

Would definitely recommend

Nicola, Amazon Customer Review

“I have been looking for a curling iron for quite awhile now and after a lot of research I decided to go for this one and I’m so glad I did, I have super long hair and it never holds a curl even using my ghd’s, but this tressemme curling wand is amazing it stays curly for 2 days( maybe longer but that’s when I wash it) and it’s so quick and easy to use.

Would definitely recommend. I was nearly put off because it was so cheap thinking a more expensive product would be better but I have been proven wrong.”

Here Nicola user mentions how the curls can last for a long period of time, for Nicola they lasted for over 2 days. Always use some hair spray to help hold the curls for longer.


The TRESemme 2804BU Volume Curl Wand is a great tool for both novice users and stylists who want to create professional curls in the comfort of their home.

Its great features including advanced ceramics for producing long lasting curls and competitive price make it a highly recommend curl wand. Since prices can sometimes change daily click here for the latest price on Amazon

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